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Monday, August 9, 2010

Nook Organic Pebble Mattress

We just received a new line of mattresses for the store!

Come check out the Nook Organic Pebble Mattress at the Dallas store. Nook presents the worlds most considered infant mattress. From a unique air layer that fosters oxygen flow inside the mattress, to the superior softness of all-natural eucalyptus fibers, to the unique pebbled surface that promotes air circulation, every detail is examined for maximum breathability, non-toxicity and smart design in the crib.

Really great FAQ's from http://www.nooksleep.com/:

Do Nook Fitted Crib Sheets negate the benefits of the pebbled mattress surface? No. On the contrary, Nook Fitted Crib Sheets work in conjunction with the Pebble Mattress to increase airflow and comfort. More air travels through our sheets, over the pebbles beneath and back up to the infant. Plus, infants can still experience the tactile sensation of the pebble pattern through the Fitted Crib Sheets.

Can I really just wipe liquids from the surface of the Pebble Wrap? Yes. Patented fiber technology creates a wipe-able and microbe resistant surface so messes can be quickly wiped up for a safe, healthy and clean sleep space.

How long will my Pebble Mattress last? The Pebble Mattress is made from the finest materials and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. We recommend gentle cycle with other soft fabrics only, cold water wash with mild detergent, and tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach, which can offset the effectiveness of our nano-coating. Additionally, Nook's patented fabric technologies create wipe-able and microbe resistant surfaces on both the Pebble Mattress and Pebble Wrap. In other words, most small messes can be wiped from the surface for an easy clean. When not in use, place the Pebble Mattress in a mattress bag and store in a dry place.

What is the recommended age or weight range for children sleeping on the Pebble Mattress? The Nook Pebble Mattress is appropriate for children from birth to 4 years old or until they reach 50 lbs.

Are all Nook products breathable? What makes them this way? Yes, every Nook product is designed to optimize breathability. Nook combines new technologies, like our patented air layer and asymmetrical pebble pattern with simple all-natural solutions, like certified organic wool, to create products that facilitate air circulation and oxygen flow. The result is a longer, more restful night's sleep for infants and parents.

What is Nook's warranty policy on the Pebble Mattress? Nook offers a 2-year Limited Warranty on the Pebble Wrap and a a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Pebble Mattress.

Pebble Wrap Detail

Pebble Wrap Detail

Mattress Detail

for more information/images please visit http://www.nooksleep.com/

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