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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Storage Ideas...

Parents come in all the time to find out what they can do to organize their children's clothes, books, toys, and etc!

Here are some suggestions:

Dwell Storage Bins comes in two sizes and different classic Dwell patterns - $80 (large) $45 (small)

This is the Oeuf Toy Store in Walnut (comes in birch too) - $496. The reason why we love it is because of the removable dividers in the bin to customize the bin to the items that go in there. It isn't too tall or gets too top heavy...items are disperse evenly with this creative design by Oeuf. (We have the Walnut on display at the Dallas store)

This is the Skip Hop Bin-Go Storage Organizer - $25 (large) $20 (small). One of our shopper's told us how she uses the smaller bin to put in her car's middle seat between her two booster seats for her children's essential "carpooling" books and snacks.

This is an organic storage bin by 3 Sprouts - $40 (one size). It is circular and the dimensions are 17"H x 20"D. The characters: pink and blue elephant, yellow monkey, and brown owl are vibrant - adding extra color into your nursery/child's room!

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